Patrice Dwyer

Transformation Therapist & Facilitator

“I believe in the healing power of vulnerability and community.”

Her Role

Patrice Dwyer facilitates ceremonies at Beckley Retreats and specializes in supporting participants with journey preparation and integration. She has over 19 years of experience in multidisciplinary healing work, and is a certified lymphedema therapist*, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, cancer coach, patient navigator, and death doula. At Beckley she combines this all, offering body and energy work, as well as active listening practices.

Her Story

Not long into a demanding career in business, Patrice had several stress-related health challenges. After struggling to find balance, it was complementary/alternative therapies that brought her relief, as well as a greater meaning. Her own healing journey became a catalyst, and led her down the path of helping others to adapt to a more holistic way of living and being.

Her Why

Patrice has experienced firsthand the profound therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, and her own journeys helped her to process grief after her mother’s death. Her experiences in ceremony have also shone great light on the role of community in healing. “I have realized that there is strength in vulnerability, that some things can only be accessed and healed in community.”

*Beckley Retreats Facilitators who are certified therapists, psychologists, or physicians do not serve in a formal medical capacity on our programs/retreats.