Prem Sangeet

Musician & Facilitator

“What moves me the most is using music to support people on their journey within.”

His Role

From a young age, Prem Sangeet displayed a deep love of music. He studied jazz and music production for many years, and later he found a homecoming in shamanic traditions. At Beckley Retreats, he brings the guiding mastery of music into ceremony, as well as a supportive presence.

His Story

Prem grew up in wartorn Yugoslavia, where he was drawn to spirituality and psychedelics to relieve post traumatic stress. By thirteen, he was reading Carlos Castañeda and Herman Hesse. In his early twenties, he met his spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy, who taught him Transcendental Meditation. Prem provided sound engineering and musical accompaniment on Chinmoy’s tours across the world, and he later deepened his practice through the study of Andean cosmology and Shipibo Shamanism.

His Why

Prem was given his spiritual name, Prem Sangeet, by the mantra song artists, Deva Pramel and Miten. The name means: unconditional love for the music of God. Finding his calling at the intersection of music and psychedelics has provided the compass in Prem’s own journey. “Shamanism and music have transformed my life in so many ways. What moves me the most is the ability to use music to support people on their journey within.”