Sherece Cowan (Sita Ji)

Facilitator & Ceremony Lead/Musician

“My aim is to integrate the new state of mind that’s experienced on retreat into a way of being in the world.”

Her Role 

Sita has been formally trained as a plant-based chef and permaculture designer. For many years, she’s sat with shamans and teachers in the Rastafari community, learning about ayahuasca, cannabis, cacao, kambo and psilocybin mushrooms. At Beckley Retreats, Sita co-leads ceremonies with her music, energy work, and intuitive guidance. 

Her Story 

After experiencing her own wellbeing journey, Sita devoted herself to learning as much as possible about energy work, entheogenic plans, and methods for protecting the natural world. She completed 200-hour training with Bhakti Yogis in India, Fluence International’s MDMA-Assisted Therapy Research and Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Research courses, SheGrows’ Women’s Circle Leadership training, and is initiated in the sacred tradition of Agnihotra fire ceremonies. Sita’s most recent immersion with entheogenic plants took place in Ecuador with the Yachak people.

Her Why 

Sita’s approach prioritizes empowerment. She does this through holding space for people as they share authentic life experiences—the stories that, when voiced, provide clarity both for the speaker and the listener. Her highest aim is to steward natural wellbeing and honor the entheogens of Jamaican culture. She wants to help people find their own ability to naturally awaken.