Beckley Retreats Ambassadors Program

Help spread the word about our safe, ethical psilocybin wellbeing retreats by joining the Beckley Retreats Ambassador Program!

Why Our Alumni Love Beckley Retreats

Our Ambassadors Are:

  • Passionate: profoundly moved by their Beckley Retreats experience and can’t wait to emphatically share their stories, the research, and the benefits of psychedelics with those who need it.
  • Connected: ready to activate and inspire their personal and/or professional networks to learn more about psychedelics, holistic wellbeing, and the Beckley Retreats experience.
  • Values-Focused: aligned with Beckley Retreats’ focus on safety, ethics, integrity, access, diversity, and inclusion, and eager to share our values with others.
  • Purpose-Driven: interested in helping others heal, grow and expand.

Join Us!

  • Refer friends, family, community members and business colleagues to a Beckley Retreat
  • Spread the word, spread the love, and spread the joy about the power of psychedelics and holistic wellbeing
  • Give back to your community and your network by offering education and insights that can help bring about collective transformation and growth
  • Be part of the Beckley mission to expand access to transformative experiences that spark broader positive change
  • Get rewarded for referrals

Ways in Which Our Ambassadors Participate:

  • Refer friends and family (educate your network about psychedelics and Beckley Retreats and earn a 7% commission for each referral)
  • Tell your story (share your Beckley Retreats experience within our alumni network, your own network, or publicly)
  • Raise scholarship funds (support those with financial need or those historically underserved by donating or fundraising for our financial aid program)

How to Participate:

  • Register as an ambassador by creating an account
  • Access our ambassador resources and get going by yourself or with our help
  • Get a special ambassador coupon and offer your community $500 off their retreat
  • Earn 7% commission on referrals to our retreat programs