What Type of Psychedelic Retreat Goer Are You?

Uncover Your Archetype and Optimize Your Retreat Experience

After hosting hundreds of participants on our programs, one thing has become clear: People attend psychedelic retreats for many different reasons. From young adults to empty nesters; from across genders, races, religions, lifestyles, and belief systems; and from all around the globe… Psychedelic retreat goers are a microcosm of the beautifully diverse whole of humankind.

Even so, there are some themes—personas or archetypes, one might say—that capture common types of psychedelic retreat goers despite their diverse identities and backgrounds. We’ve created the What Type of Psychedelic Retreat Goer Are You? quiz based on years of data we’ve collected paired with our team’s professional insights into better understanding why people attend psychedelic retreats—and how those reasons shape their experiences.

Reflecting on your own personal “why?” and identifying with archetype(s) can be a useful tool in unpacking your intentions and receiving helpful tips as you prepare to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Whether you have a penchant for adventure or a need for support through change—or are seeking emotional, physical, or spiritual breakthroughs—connecting with your inner archetype(s) can spark new insights that deepen your self-inquiry to optimize your retreat experience.


This quiz is intended for informational and enjoyment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.
Please consult your clinical care team to determine if working with psychedelics is right for you.