98% of our 300+ participants have said they would recommend our program to family and friends.*

The Beckley Retreats Experience

“The induction of nature and community was so profound I didn’t even want to leave. I graduated college, I was on sports teams, I’ve left jobs, but I’ve never been so sad to leave a group in my life. This cohort was something that fed my soul. I’m so happy that the Beckley Retreats Community provides an opportunity for me to continue these relationships beyond the retreats.”

Heather Smolin, HR Professional

“Beckley Retreats was a wonderful experience. It helped me to become more intentional and go very deep to explore my emotions, needs, and personal goals for the year and life to come. The environment was beautiful, the entire crew very knowledgeable, and overall extremely well-organized!”

Leon Mishkis, Retreat Participant

“The retreat and experience were transformational. From the start to finish, the team exhibited care, empathy and expertise to help me begin to heal with a combination of mindfulness, meditation and psilocybin.”

Rob Caldwell, Retreat Participant

“The food alone is worth the trip.”

Zona Douthit, Retreat Participant

“I don’t think psychedelics are just for people who have trauma or who need healing. If you want to rewire, away from fear and scarcity, towards joy and abundance, and feel more belonging – versus focusing too much on self – I think this a beautiful instrumental vehicle to truly experience that oneness to really build a deep connection.”

Founder and CEO, Happiness Squad & Previously Partner at McKinsey

“Beckley Retreats excels in honoring global wisdom traditions across different countries. By working with local communities, Beckley Retreats ensures a safe and welcoming environment for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Participants who attend our retreats have been grappling with emotional blockages, some not having cried or laughed in years, or having avoided dealing with grief for decades. It’s an honor to witness individuals experience emotional release, reconnecting with their feelings and finding liberation on their paths to healing.”

Eber Rodriguez, Facilitator and Ceremony Musician

“Within [my first ceremony], I experienced love and gratitude towards my parents. I felt that I connected with them for the first time in my life.”

Grzegorz Skyala, Facilitator and Ceremony Musician

“One of the things that retreat participants really struggle with is that severe inner critic – that inner voice that keeps saying, ‘You should do this…you’re not good enough, etc.’ Post-retreat, people find that that inner critic is a lot quieter.”

Dr. Dingle Spence, Team Lead and Physician

“These retreats are about far more than the psilocybin. They are about bringing together a group of people to address their wounds in a communal setting, and fully integrating the experience into their lives for the better. It’s this extra attention to everything outside the psilocybin that makes the retreat special.”

Anonymous Retreat Participant

Why Our Participants Attend