Safe Location

Our retreats are held in locations where psilocybin mushrooms/truffles are legal. Our retreat centers are spacious, remote, safe, and secure. Exposure to these beautiful natural retreat site settings also promotes a felt sense of relaxation and safety.

Holistic Training

Our world-class team of facilitators brings together the wisdom of diverse global traditions with modern clinical expertise. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in guided psychedelic experiences and other wellbeing modalities.

Personalized Care

On all retreats, there is a minimum of one facilitator for every 4 participants. Typically, however, the ratio is closer to 1:3. This ratio ensures direct care during and beyond psilocybin ceremonies with ample space for personal support throughout the retreat.

Medical Care

Our retreats are facilitated by qualified professionals, at least one of whom is a professionally licensed physician, psychologist, or psychotherapist. Although our facilitators do not serve in a formal medical capacity in our programs, they bring a wealth of expertise. In Jamaica, an on-site nurse is present during the Ceremony. In all locations, there’s easy access to nearby medical care if needed.

Rigorous Screening

Our application process has been designed to ensure proper screening. We carefully assess each applicant’s personal, medical, and psychiatric history (with consent). For some individuals, participating in the program may lead to undesirable drug interactions or other psychiatric or physical complications. In these cases, we are unable to approve applications.

Secure Protocols

Our safety plan and comprehensive protocols have been designed to tend to all facets of participants’ physical, emotional, and psychological safety. This plan is frequently revisited, updated, and shared with our retreat site partners, operations staff, and facilitation team members. Safety is our top priority.

Psychedelic Ceremonies Through The Ages

The New Research

Thanks in part to the Beckley Foundation, there is a growing body of peer-reviewed research—like the notable studies coming out of John Hopkins in the USA and Imperial College London in the UK—demonstrating the powerful effects of psychedelics on a variety of modern maladies.* *Learn more about Beckley Foundation collaborations and research here.

World-class Team With Hundreds Of Years Of Combined
Experience In Psychedelics.

Our Commitment To Ethics And Community Impact

Our Ethics and Community Impact plan is a living document shared here for full transparency and to encourage discourse on the critical issues that the psychedelics retreat industry must contend with if we are to do this work mindfully, ethically, respectfully, and responsibly. The plan addresses our:

  • Regenerative business model
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging including access to programming through our financial aid program
  • Comprehensive approach to safety and our philosophy of care
  • Actions towards social impact, reciprocity, and right relationship

We welcome open dialogue on our plan. Please reach out to