Ceremony Lead & Musician

“Diving into deep inner silence we find true healing, love, and peace”

His Role

Kabir works to care for and guide the participants on their wellbeing journey. He is particularly attuned to being open and flexible to arising situations, bringing in new modalities and refreshing the existing structures, and offering transformative music and chants.

His Story

As a teenager, Kabir became disillusioned about societal structures, educational systems, and the way of modern life. He began practicing yoga and meditation in his teenage years, and became a yoga teacher at 18. For the last 30 years, he has been studying and working deeply with plant medicines, running and supporting ceremonies. His work with plant medicines and meditation have helped him heal old wounds and traumas, as well as open his heart for himself and others.

His Why

Since Kabir received insight, healing, and blessings working with plant medicines, the urge to share this wonderful work with fellow travelers came quite naturally. He finds the work rewarding and beautiful, especially seeing others change for the better.