Experience transformational change through the ceremonial use of psilocybin, holistic wellbeing modalities and meditation practices.

Our psilocybin retreat program at Beckley Retreats has a 4-week preparation and 6-week integration process supported by our team of world-class facilitators. We combine ancient practices (meditation, mindful movement, ancestral wisdom traditions) with clinically-informed approaches and a powerful range of preparation and integration methods. We help our participants to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature in order to dive into the subconscious patterns within ourselves to bring real and lasting changes.

The overall 11-week program surrounding the retreat is designed to best support your journey and ensure you feel prepared, supported, connected and equipped to integrate your experience holistically when you return home.

Magical places for a transformational experience

Jamaica, Trelawny

Held at a charming restored property just 45 minutes from Montego Bay airport, Good Hope features two pools, river access, private beach access (20 mins by shuttle), open air communal spaces, mountain vistas, thoughtful decor, and a variety of lovely air-conditioned room options.

And because psilocybin use and cultivation is totally legal here, Jamaica is one of the safest places to host ceremonies.

Netherlands, De Hoorneboeg

The De Hoorneboeg retreat center is just 25 miles from Amsterdam, and easy to access by train, taxi, or even bicycle. The property is quiet and lush, and is strewn with buildings renovated with the utmost aesthetic care. The ethos of the community is built around a peaceful connection with nature, and with other people. 

De Hoorneboeg provides a perfect environment for the depth, care, and beauty of our retreat experience.

Venwoude, Netherlands

Venwoude retreat center is located on a breathtaking 40-acre estate situated in a nature sanctuary in the woods of Lage Vuursche, about 35 minutes from Amsterdam and 10 miles north of the city of Utrecht in the center of the Netherlands. Away from the noise of modern life, the deep quiet emanating from the majestic beech and pine trees is palpable on the entire terrain.

This peaceful sanctuary offers a unique place for reflection, awareness, personal growth, sustainable living and connection.

A deeply transformative and safely held 6 day psilocybin mushroom retreat program

  • 2 Psilocybin mushroom (or truffles in NL) ceremonies
  • Daily movement and meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Integration workshops
  • Walks in nature
  • Locally sourced vegetarian meals prepared by top chefs
  • 4 week online preparation
  • 6 week virtual integration program