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With Science-Backed Psychedelic Retreats
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The World’s Only Psychedelic Retreats Backed By 25 Years Of Scientific Research And An Ecosystem Of Expertise

Why Our Participants Attend

Accelerate personal growth and self understanding
Unleash performance and impact
Build resilience and empathy
Relieve anxiety and depression
Explore spiritual connection and meaning
Address emotional wounds and destructive patterns
Break through limitations and inner blocks

The above are answers participants gave us when asked why they participated in our science-backed experiences. Our programs are non-medical and we do not diagnose or treat any conditions. Our programs are for personal, professional and spiritual development.

Join Us In A Beautiful Natural Setting Where Psilocybin Is Legal

What Makes Beckley Retreats Unique

As part of the Beckley ecosystem, Beckley Retreats is proud to build on the work of its co-founder, Amanda Feilding. Dubbed the 'Queen of Psychedelics' by Forbes, The Economist, and The Financial Times, Amanda founded the Beckley Foundation in 1998—a think tank and NGO dedicated to furthering psychedelic research and advocating for policy reform. At Retreats, we’re bridging the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom traditions in order to create the richest possible experience for participants.

Why Beckley
Safe, legal, and ceremonial use of psilocybin
Science-backed, honoring traditions
Global standard for psychedelic retreats
Focused on ethics and community impact

The Program

The Psychedelic Retreats Standard For Wellbeing


Begin your journey with group sessions, one-on-one support, guided activities, and educational resources. Participants bond before the retreat, and we offer flexible preparation. If the program has started, you can still apply and catch up in your own time.


Get away from your day-to-day in a beautiful place with wonderful people - the retreat is a powerful time for growth. We do two psilocybin ceremonies with live music, breathwork, meditation and other transformational practices for an optimal experience.


Integrate with group sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed tools to help you sustain your transformation after the retreat. Foster an ongoing connection with your retreat group and join our vibrant community. Supplementary 1:1 coaching is also offered.

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Commitment to Safety

Your Emotional, Psychological, And Physical Safety Is Our Priority


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Safe Location
Holistic Training
Dedicated Care
Access to Medical Care
Suitability Screening
Safety Protocols

Partner With Beckley Retreats

The partners we work with are incredibly important to us. We're deeply grateful for their collaboration and look forward to growing together as we set the standard for safe, legal, and world-class psychedelic wellbeing retreats.

Partner With Us
Organizations with aligned missions
Individual practitioners
Research, academic & training institutions