Val-Pierre Genton

SVP, Growth

“The more resilient our love and well-being, the more we will thrive.”

His Role

As SVP of Growth of Beckley Retreats, Val is passionate about making science-backed psychedelics coupled with preventative well-being accessible to all. In his role, he seeks out the most regenerative and sustainable ways in which BR can reach, educate, support and bring together all those who want to finally break through, feel better, move on and find meaning.

His Story

Val is a visionary leader who pioneered the world’s first virtual events company two decades ago, creating one of the internet’s earliest virtual communities. With over 29 million professionals streaming knowledge on BrightTALK for free, his influence on today’s digital landscape has been profound. As an impact-driven executive, Val has a track record of driving sustained growth through regenerative people and business practices. The latest organization he co-founded was successfully sold for $150M by the end of 2020. Passionate about advancing science-backed benefits of psychedelics and contemplative practices, Val envisions a new era where governments, organizations, leaders, individuals and communities prioritize preventative well-being to transform societal and planetary health.

His Why

Reflecting on his journey, including a near-death experience from overwork and related addictions, Val re-grounded himself through yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and psychedelics-based trauma work. A playful father of three, his wife’s life was saved by psychedelic-assisted therapy, twice.