A Comprehensive Program That Gives You The Tools For Meaningful Change


Virtual & Self-Paced

Set the foundation in our prep program

  • Group workshops
  • 1:1 intake call
  • Guided preparation experience
    and resources in our app
  • Supplementary 1:1 coaching


Netherlands or Jamaica

Experience the practices and ceremony together

  • 2 psilocybin ceremonies for 5-night retreats
  • 1 psilocybin ceremony for 3-night retreats
  • Meditation
  • Mindful movement
  • Breathwork
  • Group circles
  • Nature immersion & digital detox


Virtual & Self-Paced

Build habits and make changes in our integration program

  • Guided practices
  • Group calls
  • Tools and resources in our app
  • Short daily practices
  • Supplementary 1:1 coaching

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What’s Included?

Private, round-trip, airport transfers

All gourmet meals and snacks



Breath-work classes

Massage available for an additional charge

Our World-Class Facilitators

Dr. Dingle Spence

Dr. Dingle Spence is a Beckley Retreats Team Lead and cofacilitates ceremonies. She is a retired Jamaican physician with training in oncology and palliative medicine and heads the Hope Institute Hospital in Kingston.

Her research and application of psychedelics has transformed her work in palliative care. Dingle is also trained in shamanic practices and psychedelic spaceholding.

Lucyne Pearson

She specializes in shamanism, breathwork, and ancestral healing. A Beckley Team Lead, she is a skilled sound healer and a master of making connections between the wisdom of ancient practices and modern-day neuroscience.

Ben Sheinwald

Ben is a Biodynamic Therapist and group facilitator. He brings his knowledge of body psychotherapy, biodynamic massage, mindfulness, and other embodied practices into this work with Beckley Retreats.

As a Team Lead, he leads the group processes during retreat integration circles. Ben trained at the Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy.

Eber Rodriguez

He creates a vibrational field that supports states of grounding relaxation and calm. He has years of study and practice with traditional plant medicine and indigenous masters.

Micah Tafari

Micah Tafari is a Jamaican custodian of land, and he shares his love of nature through farming, entheogenic plants, and sacred circles.

He is a firekeeper, and also trained in sustainable building techniques, renewable energy, yoga, and meditation. He has played an integral role in establishing villages and intentional communities in Jamaica. At Beckley Retreats, he facilitates ceremonies and holds space for the deep work on retreat.

Tamara Slock

She started following the path of yoga, and became a breathworker, bodyworker, and Reiki practitioner, exploring different pathways for holistic wellbeing. At Beckley Retreats, Tamara uses music and various healing practices to lead ceremonies. She is known for her powerful singing voice and presence.

Rachael Oliver (Deva)

Deva is a Shamanic Guide and song carrier, a KRIqualified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, and a social worker.

She has spent many years working with trauma, offering counseling and support to children and families. During ceremony, she provides energetic support, sacred music, and a lot of love. Deva is known for her calm, grounded presence, and compassionate care.

Sergio Rodriguez Castillo

Sergio has been actively involved in the entheogens field, facilitating, developing curricula, and mentoring guides for over 18 years. He is a MAPS MDMAAssisted Therapy Practitioner and a licensed MFT in private practice, focusing on existential growth and consciousness expansion.

Luxury Locations


Jamaica is a paradisiacal island located in the Caribbean Sea. Known for its beautiful landscape, reggae and the warmth of its people, it is the perfect place to relax and connect with nature.

Jamaica is one of the few countries where the cultivation, gifting and consumption of psilocybin mushrooms is legal. This, together with its lush nature and scenery, makes it the ideal setting for our retreat.

Good Hope

The Good Hope property has two special villas, each centuries old, cut-stone homes. The entire property was recently renovated with care to retain the historic charm.

The villas have a total of 13 rooms, all with their own bathroom, premium bedding and linens and thoughtful decor. Enjoy two swimming pools, a private beach, and yoga room. The beautiful landscape is perfect to enjoy the sunrise and sunset across the open mountainous vistas. Please click here for important information about Good Hope’s history.

Prospect Villas

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and adjacent lush green mountains, Prospect Villas in Ocho Rios is an idyllic haven with an unending tropical breeze and crystal blue ocean waves.

Each beachfront villa offers premium accommodation, a private beach, and pools with tropical gardens. Wake up to songbirds, relax into a peaceful seaside ambiance, and enjoy the cleansing, refreshing air.

Luxury Locations

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for a feeling of ‘gezelligheid,’ a mix of coziness, conviviality, comfort, and relaxation. The Dutch have liberal policies around substances; truffles are legal in the Netherlands, making it a wonderful place to offer safe experiences with truffles containing Psilocybin.

De Hoorneboeg

The De Hoorneboeg retreat center is just 25 miles from Amsterdam, and easy to access by train, taxi, or even bicycle. The property is quiet and lush, strewn with buildings renovated with the utmost aesthetic care.

The ethos of the community is built around a peaceful connection with nature and with other people. De Hoorneboeg provides a perfect environment for the depth, care, and beauty of our retreat experience.


Venwoude Retreat Center is located on a breathtaking 40-acre estate situated in a nature sanctuary in the woods of Lage Vuursche, about 35 minutes from Amsterdam and 10 miles north of the city of Utrecht in the center of the Netherlands.

Away from the noise of modern life, the deep quiet emanating from the majestic beech and pine trees is palpable on the entire terrain. This peaceful sanctuary offers a unique place for reflection, awareness, personal growth, sustainable living and connection.