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Ketamine, psilocybin and ecstasy are coming to the medicine cabinet

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Can Magic Mushrooms Take on Menopause?

Hot flushes. Brain fog. Erratic periods. Insomnia. Sore joints. If you’re a woman of a certain age, you’ll know we’re talking about the dreaded perimenopause. But that list of symptoms barely touches the sides. It’s arguably the insidious psychological symptoms – a pervasive malaise, unfathomable snappiness, a semi-permanent dusting of anxiety – that are more soul destroying. This latter set of symptoms, less physical and often less discussed, are the ones that, for me, suck the joy out of life. But there may be a way to replenish this joy: psilocybin, AKA magic mushrooms. Read more >

i newspaper

I took magic mushrooms for the menopause – they restored my joy

It’s a Tuesday afternoon in a Utrecht forest. I’m lying on a mattress in a sun-dappled studio, part of a group about to embark on a journey where our bodies remain stationary, but our minds travel to other places, other times. Soon, some of us are thrashing around, reliving the trauma of childbirth. Some are screaming on behalf of their oppressed female ancestors. One is muttering ‘f**king men’. All of us are crying. Sobbing. Howling, in fact. And yet some of us are also laughing. Life-affirming, uncontrollable hysterics. Every human emotion is being felt in this group of nine brave women. Read more >

Hip and Healthy

The Best Wellness Retreats

Retreats could well be the highest form of self-care. How often do you dedicate time solely to yourself? Between juggling work-life chaos, one of the only ways to truly unwind is by stepping off the hamster wheel and hitting the reset. As our lifestyles demand more and more from us, the retreat industry has evolved. What was once a relatively small market has come on leaps and bounds in the past 5 years, with every retreat option imaginable coming to fruition. Read more >

Evening Standard

The Beckley Retreat: a trip of a lifetime?

I’m sitting under tent canvas, eye-mask on, swaddled like a newborn in a linen blanket. There is a woman singing a Jamaican folk song somewhere in the distance and the air is perfumed with sage and incense. Time and space are abstract concepts and I’m overwhelmed by a deep feeling of surrender. I think I might be sobbing. Welcome to Jamaica’s Good Hope Estate, a 200-acre former plantation which is now also the home to the Beckley Retreats. Read more >

Financial Times

Amanda Feilding – The First Lady of LSD

A low mist is hovering above the fens on either side of the mile-long track to Beckley Park. This patchwork of marshland is said to have inspired Lewis Carroll’s mind-bending chessboard in Alice Through the Looking Glass, and on this eerie morning such strangeness tilts the perspective. The feeling is heightened by the knowledge that at the end of the path is a house not only steeped in intrigue dating back to King Alfred, but one whose current châtelaine, Amanda Feilding, has for almost 60 years been a passionate agitator in “The Psychedelic Renaissance." Read more >

The Times UK

How ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Helped Me to Face My Grief

I’m sitting in a room on a converted farm in the Dutch countryside 25 miles from Amsterdam with 15 people I have only just met when I am handed a cup of psychedelic truffles. I’d been curious about the mental health benefits of psilocybin — the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms and (some) truffles — for years, and had dabbled with microdosing. It had had a positive impact on my mental health, making me feel a bit lighter. Read more >


Are Psychedelic Retreats the Future of Wellness Travel?

Statistics show incredible opportunity at the intersection of psychedelics and tourism, especially in the form of retreats. But why are people drawn to them in the first place? When looking at the data, the answer seems to be mental health. Read more >

Psychedelics Today

Combining Modern Science, Tradition, and Holistic Wellness

Interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, Neil Markey. Markey describes Beckley Retreats as comprehensive well-being programs, and talks about the importance of holistic wellness. He breaks down the details of the retreats and what they look for in facilitators, and tells a few success stories that really highlight how trauma, opposing ideas, and an infatuation with material objects and amassing wealth can all get in the way of real relationships and meaning. Read more >

Condé Nast Traveler

Psychedelic Travel Experiences Are More Popular Than Ever

Psychedelic retreats are becoming increasingly popular. Why now? Because a growing body of research into the therapeutic benefits of long-illegal psychedelic compounds is becoming widely available, making their therapeutic use less stigmatized for the first time. Read more >
Amanda Feilding

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100 People Transforming Business

The psychedelics industry is experiencing a renaissance, but Feilding is no stranger to the potential that compounds like psilocybin and LSD have for consciousness and mental health. Over the past 50 years, Feilding has helped to design and fund study after study through Beckley Foundation to better understand how psychedelic compounds work in the brain and how they can be used as medicines. Read more >

Well Intelligence

Whether leading or being led, get to know yourself

The first half of last year was overwhelm central. Later, a few things took shape that I hadn’t specifically planned for but knew without hesitation, they were gifted opportunities. I embarked on an eleven week psychedelic programme with Beckley Retreats followed immediately by a 42 day Mandala (a space for transformation) in India. Read more >

European Spa Magazine

Psychedelic Retreats: A Wellbeing Frontier

Psychedelic Medicine is heralded by some as the next mental health frontier. As our understanding of the possibilities around expanded consciousness grows, could this mark a shift change for the wellness industry? Read more >

Double Blind Magazine

Psychedelic Legend Amanda Feilding is Turning 80—And Her Retreats are Open for Business

Major players such as Beckley Retreats, co-founded by Amanda Feilding, are now offering psychedelic healing retreats in progressive locations like the Netherlands and Jamaica—countries that have swiftly, and officially in the latter case, unshackled hallucinogens ahead of the majority of the west. Read more >

Condé Nast Traveller

The rise of psychedelic retreats: the most intrepid, life-changing trip

So far, four weeks post-retreat, I feel calmer and clearer, my mood noticeably lighter – it’s as if a surgeon has excised a swamp from my brain. Life-changing? Very probably. Read more >

Country & Town House

Tripping with Truffles: Beckley Retreats

My ambition was to break my scarcity mindset around money. I liked the idea of busting my financial block without effort – thinking my way out of this conundrum had not been yielding results. So I signed up to Beckley Retreats, a sister organisation to the Beckley Foundation. Read more >

The Dales Report

Does Beckley Retreats Offer The World’s Best?

Today we take you through a transformative journey as we meet with Neil Markey, co-founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats. Beckley Retreats promises ‘a transformative journey that meets you where you are’ using psilocybin ceremonies in a supportive retreats setting. It’s considered one of the best psychedelic retreats in the world. Read more >

Trip On This Podcast

Army Ranger Veteran to Mushroom Retreats

Neil Markey is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Beckley Retreats in Jamaica. As an Army Ranger Veteran, Neil takes us through his time in the military, moving into the corporate world and how he ultimately met Amanda Fielding to co-create the Beckley Retreats. Read more >


Psychedelics 2024: Veterans Blessing, Mental Health Paradigm Shift, Providers Training, Ketamine-MDMA Bonds & More

Neil Markey, co-founder of Jamaica and Netherlands-based Beckley Retreats, sees psychedelics' use will likely evolve into "the betterment of the well.” Read more >

fDi Insights

Beckley Retreats’s mindful psychedelic pitch

There has been a surge of interest in the use of psychedelics as a tool to treat mental health disorders and for self improvement. Several retreats offering psilocybin ceremonies have sprung up in recent years to meet demand. Among them is Beckley Retreats, which runs programs in the Netherlands and Jamaica. Read more >


I went on a £4,000 legal psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands. This is what happened

A growing interest in the effects of psychedelics is reflected in the increasing number of retreats and ceremonies that harness their properties, Blindfolded, I lie wrapped in a blanket, and wait. The silence is deafening. All I can do is focus on my breathing to quell my rising anxiety and nausea. I can’t get comfortable. Then the drumming starts. A slow, booming, tribal heartbeat. Next come the visions. Read more >