Who We Partner With

Organizations With Aligned Missions

  • Expanding access to psychedelics
  • Promoting holistic health and wellbeing
  • Advancing personal, spiritual, and/or leadership development
  • Building a community for social change
  • Improving creativity

Individual Practitioners

  • Holistic health, mindfulness, yoga, psychedelic-assisted therapy, creativity, leadership development, etc.
  • Established personal/business brands with a robust following

Research, Academic, And Training Institutions

  • seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement for the implementation of studies/programs

Get In Touch To Explore A Partnership

Partnership Examples

Microdosing programs and psychedelic communities looking for a retreat provider to complement existing psychedelic-centric offerings

Leadership and professional/personal development organizations innovating cutting-edge growth experiences for their members/customers

Organizations serving affinity/interest groups or special populations (veterans, women, men, BIPOC, artists, etc.) hoping to offer transformational experiences in a safe, productive group setting

Yoga, meditation, and holistic health/wellbeing practitioners with a robust following seeking a new kind of retreat experience to offer their communities

Universities or research institutions intending to gather non-clinical psychedelic study data

Academic or training institutions offering educational experiences in psychedelic-assisted therapy/care, looking to expand curricula to include an experiential learning component

Our Community Partners

Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicine

Chacruna’s vision is to co-create a world where plant medicines and other psychedelics are understood, protected, honored, and valued as part of our cultural identity, and integrated into our social, legal and health care systems in ways that are equitable and just.


Heroic Hearts

Imperial College London Centre for Psychedelic Research

Types Of Partnerships

Affiliate Partnerships

  • Custom link for referral tracking
  • 7% referral fee for every booking
  • No minimum requirement
  • Special discount for your community

Co-Branded Retreat Programs

  • A minimum of 15 partner-driven registrations;
    Beckley: program implementation and operations
  • Light program customization is available
  • Revenue share 10% / “Buy-out” option

Research Partnerships

  • Strategic collaborations to collect certain insights for research projects
  • Understand data of psychedelics impact on opted-in retreat participants
  • Co-publish/advocate based on findings to change perceptions and change mindsets