Ben Sheinwald

Team Lead & Therapist

“I believe in the power of transformation as a process, both organic and decisive, over time.”

His Role

Ben is a Biodynamic Therapist* and group facilitator. He brings his knowledge of body psychotherapy, biodynamic massage, mindfulness and other embodied practices into his work with Beckley Retreats. He leads the group processes during preparation and on retreat.

His Story

Ben fell in love with group work in 2012. It was a revelation to be in a space where one’s individual process was given sacred attention and respect, where the most important thing was the gold of one’s expression. He decided to dedicate his life to creating experiences for individuals to grow their connection to their true nature. He began training at the Centre for Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy in 2017 and has been leading groups since 2014.

His Why

Psychedelics taken in a ceremonial environment and combined with therapeutic guidance have provided Ben a gateway to profound meaning and lasting gifts in health. He is drawn to Beckley Retreats for their deep integrity and care in holding this work. “I believe in the power of transformation as a process over time, allowing change to occur both organically and also as a decisive move by the person wanting change in their lives.”

‍*Beckley Retreats Facilitators who are certified therapists, psychologists, or physicians do not serve in a formal medical capacity on our programs/retreats.