Vian Morales

SVP of Operations

“It is a privilege to do this work bringing understanding and accessibility to ancient wisdom.”

Her Role

As SVP of Operations of Beckley Retreats, Vian is fiercely passionate about sharing the science-backed benefits of psychedelics while bringing safe, holistic wellbeing experiences to a larger audience. She brings an understanding of the transformative power of ancient practices as well as a creative business strategy. Vian hopes to support sustainable communities and bring deep healing to people around the world.

Her Story

Vian discovered the importance of physical health at a young age. As a Division I soccer player, she learned to manage her health challenges to become a top performer. As the 33rd black female graduate of The Citadel, an officer in the U.S. Army, and nearly two decades of managing people and processes in the corporate sector, Vian quickly recognized the burnout and mental health issues surrounding her. She found it challenging to access science-based, safe, holistic options. Through tragedy and deep work, she re-grounded herself through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and sound healing and made it her mission to use her skillset to bring holistic practices to others.  She is particularly passionate about making holistic health more accessible to veterans and those who suffer from chronic conditions.

‍Her Why

Vian continuously experienced the devastation of witnessing soldiers and friends battle mental health issues, losing many of them to suicide. She dedicated herself to helping others tap into ancient wisdom and experience the transformative power of wellness-based therapies and psychedelics.