Lucyne Pearson

Founding Team Lead & Therapist

“My passion is to share these mystical experiences with integrity and respect.”

Her Role

Lucyne Pearson is a certified Integrative Psychotherapist* who also specializes in shamanism, breathwork, sound therapy, and ancestral healing. At Beckley Retreats, Lucyne serves as a Lead Facilitator of ceremonies, breathwork, and the post-retreat integration program, which she designed. Her expertise connects ancient wisdom practices with modern-day neuroscience.

Her Story

Lucyne was drawn to the mystical from a young age; for her twelfth birthday, she hosted a hypnosis party. Alongside her psychotherapy studies she trained with a Celtic shaman who integrated European shamanism and the Brazilian Santo Daime tradition. Lucyne then went on to study with shamans in Hawaii, Peru, Columbia and Brazil. She skillfully integrates these various teachings into her work.

‍Her Why

Lucyne credits her own health journey with Lyme Disease as one of her greatest teachers. Bedbound for two years, she found healing in sound work, sacred singing, shamanism, and breathwork, and she knows first-hand how effectively these modalities work in combination with psychedelics.


“I gained tremendous insight through the 1:1 sessions around accessing my traumas and setting intentions for the retreat. Through the sessions, I was able to identify the areas to focus on for the psilocybin ceremonies. I now feel a great sense of ease and comfort for the upcoming retreat from those sessions and they set me up for a strong engagement with the preparatory work. Lucyne is kind, caring, and very skilled at guided meditations.” ~Amy M., October 2023

*Beckley Retreats Facilitators who are certified therapists, psychologists, or physicians do not serve in a formal medical capacity on our programs/retreats.