Dingle Spence

Team Lead & Physician

“This work has helped me to understand what it truly means to heal.”

Her Role

Dr. Dingle Spence co-facilitates Beckley’s retreats and ceremonies. She is a Jamaican physician* with training in oncology and palliative medicine, and heads the Hope Institute Hospital in Kingston. Her research and application of psychedelics has transformed her work with end-of-life patients. Her expertise provides a rooted presence for the retreats at Beckley.

Her Story

Dr. Spence also has training in a spectrum of healing traditions including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Shamanic Energy Medicine. After many years working as a physician, Dr. Spence co-founded JACCRI, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education across the cancer care continuum. With the JACCRI group, she researches psilocybin as a treatment for many of the symptoms common in patients facing terminal illness.

Her Why

Dr. Spence’s life-long interest in mind, body, and energetic medicine was transformed by psychedelics. Her own guided mushroom journeys have helped her to process and navigate complex emotions, and those experiences have inspired her to bring the powerful medicine to others.

*Beckley Retreats Facilitators who are certified therapists, psychologists, or physicians do not serve in a formal medical capacity on our programs/retreats.