Micah Tafari

Facilitator & Ceremony Lead/Musician

“The transformation of self leads to the transformation of community and the world.”

His Role

Micah Tafari is an indigenous keeper and custodian of land, and he shares his love of nature through farming, entheogenic plants, and sacred circles. He is a firekeeper, and also trained in sustainable building techniques, renewable energy, yoga, and meditation. At Beckley Retreats, he facilitates ceremonies and holds space for the deep work on retreat.

His Story

Much of Micah’s worldview began in his early education through homeschooling. He grew up on a rural farm, where his parents opened his eyes to the rich and diverse customs of indigenous peoples, and the beauty of living in harmony with nature. This led him to profound experiences in alternative wellbeing and entheogenic plants. He’s traveled widely while deepening his studies, and went on to play an integral role in establishing villages and intentional communities in Jamaica.

His Why

Micah is passionate about supporting the reestablishment of oneness between humanity and nature. He’s found incredible beauty and meaning through helping to create a safety focused and empowering experience for people working with entheogenic plants. He believes that this work can create a new way of being in the world.