Eber Rodriguez


“It is an honor to serve and sing for the ancestral sacrament in communion with mystical experience. Gratitude is my prayer.”

His Role

Eber Rodriguez is a skillful multi instrumentalist, breathwork and psychedelic facilitator specialized in ancient chanting techniques and sound therapy. He creates a vibrational field that supports states of grounding relaxation and calm. He has years of study and practice with traditional plant medicine and indigenous masters.

His Story

Eber started his meditation and mystical studies in his early teenage years. After 4 years of study in Chemistry at the National University of Costa Rica and with the influence of an ethnobotanical elder teacher he became interested in psychedelics and altered states of consciousness. He then found the mushroom in its natural conditions on Costarrican countryside. After some years with many psychedelic experiences he connected with indigenous people from Colombia and Peru, this opened a new world of understanding in the ancient technology of ceremony. The experiences in the safety of ceremony inspired him to offer mushroom ceremonies and hold space for people’s transformational journeys.

His Why

Psychedelics have refreshed his perspective of life with spiritual experiences that had a deep meaningful opening in his emotional, physical and mental process of human being.
“I’m humbled every time witnessing the depth and expansion of awareness, healing and clarity that plants and mushrooms can provide to people. Serving in this transformational process fulfills my life in all the ways.”