Amanda Feilding

Co-Founder & Advisor

“I realized that it was only through science that one could overcome the taboo on these substances.”

Her Role

Amanda Feilding is the founder of the Beckley Foundation, the co-founder of Beckley Retreats, and one of the most influential figures of the psychedelic renaissance. A close friend and early thought partner to Albert Hofmann (the creator of LSD), she’s been dubbed everything from ‘The Countess of Psychedelics’ (Wired Magazine) to the ‘Queen of Consciousness’ (The Telegraph). As a co-founder and advisor, at BR she will be offering her guidance and expertise to the executive team.

Her Story

As a child, Amanda’s imagination took her flying through the fields of Beckley Park. In her teens, she sought out teachers of comparative religion and mysticism. In her twenties, she found psychedelics, and ever since then she’s been a champion of their therapeutic use. In 1998, she founded the Beckley Foundation to bridge the divide between scientific research and drug policy. For example, fifty years after she quit smoking cigarettes with the help of LSD, Johns Hopkins published a study, in collaboration with the Beckley Foundation, confirming the ability of psychedelics to alleviate nicotine addiction.

Her Why

Amanda’s work has proven that people from all walks of life can find harmony and healing through the psychedelic experience. Her career has been dedicated to refining a new outlook on psychedelics as tools for enhancing consciousness and destigmatizing their use.