Ceremony Lead & Musician

“We are pioneers for the new humanity.”

Her Role

Gitama supports Beckley Retreats with her many years of experience as a ceremony lead, musician, and space holder.

Her Story

Gitama has long been a student of education, art and music. She is trained as a yoga and meditation teacher, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, elementary and emotional liberation counselor, sweat lodge leader, and moon pipe keeper. She is one of the pioneers of the ecological, spiritual community known as PachaMama, located in Costa Rica, a platform for a deep voyage into healing, self-acceptance, and expansion of consciousness. With over 24 years of plant medicine experience, supporting and leading plant medicine ceremonies, Gitama brings joy, wisdom, and her grounding presence to the space.

Her Why

Gitama simply loves to share what has and continues to help her to grow, transform, heal, and expand her life vision.