Beckley Retreats Scholarship Program

At Beckley Retreats, the foundation of our business is made strong by a commitment to inclusion and equity.

Time and again, we hear from our participants that our programs are a profound part of their spiritual journeys. Safe and guided psychedelic use, community integration support, and holistic wellbeing practices can lead to deep personal transformation. However, such programs are inaccessible for some.

In addition to leading fully funded programs for US Veterans, we’ve created the Beckley Retreats Scholarship Program, which aims to foster diversity and expand program access for those who may not otherwise be able to participate. We prioritize applicants: a) who have demonstrated financial need, and/or, b) who have been historically underserved, underrepresented, or oppressed. 

To apply for the scholarship, we ask for a personal and financial assistance questionnaire, including a short letter to our team.

When applying, please also note the following:

  • Scholarship recipients must be approved through our standard screening process in order to be accepted into the retreat. 
  • Recipient retreat dates are based on availability.
  • Airfare is not included in the scholarship.
  • Scholarship awards range from 25% – 100% of program costs. 

Important Dates

*August-December scholarship applications will reopen in May 2023.

Application Open

Feb 27th

Application Deadline

March 6th

Recipients Announced

March 22nd

Scholarship Fund

Many members of our community feel personally aligned with Beckley Retreats’ focus on supporting others. We’ve just made giving back very simple. As a part of our community initiatives, there’s now an opportunity to help others who may otherwise not have the resources to experience our transformational program. All donations are applied directly to our growing Scholarship Program, where underrepresented people or individuals in need are able to apply for assistance. At Beckley Retreats, the community of support is robust, and we’re happy to honor the desire to pay it forward and extend the reach of our scholarships.

*Donations can also be completed at checkout during program registration.