Hannah Parker

Facilitator & Coach

“Connecting to our deepest sense of knowing within 'altered states of consciousness, can profoundly reorient a person’s identity, emotional attitude, sense of wellbeing and purpose in life.' - Humphrey Bogart”

Her Role

Hannah is a certified Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist (UKCP) and group facilitator, she brings her experience, skills, and knowledge as a Body psychotherapist, NLP coach, Biodynamic massage therapist, body worker, group leader, and trauma specialist to her role offering a warm, safe, and steady presence.

Her Story

Throughout her life Hannah felt a longing to be in deeper connection with herself and others. In her mid- twenties Hannah discovered embodied practices such as breathwork, mediation and movement. This opened her to experience expanded states of consciousness and deeper connection especially within groups as the power of the collective became fundamental to her growth. From her beginnings as community worker in socio economically disadvantaged communities, Hannah has committed the last 25 years to her own training and development to walk alongside others in their own unfolding and self-discovery. Hannah has a private practice in southwest UK.

Her Why

Hannah feels deeply honored to be continuing her personal exploration whilst supporting others in theirs and trusts the fundamental longing to move towards balance and wholeness. She feels passionately that psychedelics combined with ceremony, therapeutic holding, and the alchemy of shared group experience can provide a gateway to this.