Karam Duc Minh

Facilitator & Therapist

“Let your heart guide you, let awareness be your key, and let love be your goal.”

His Role

Karam is a co-facilitator for Beckley Retreats. He supports the team to assure cohesion, coherence, and rootedness with the highest level of ethics, care, and integrity to make you feel secure and at ease.

His Story

Karam started his journey with a deep need for personal therapy, only later becoming a therapist himself. He calls this the path of the wounded healer. He has been an accomplished facilitator and group therapist for more than 25 years. His work fuses several therapeutic modalities: integrative and systemic therapy, Gestalt/breath/emotional therapy, somatic experiencing/trauma healing, rituals, and meditation. Karam has lived and worked in an intentional community in Costa Rica called Pacha Mama since 2010. He is the main therapist leading workshops such as, “Primal Healing: Freedom from the Past”, “Sexuality/Tantra: The Supreme Understanding,” and the “Growing in Love” process.

His Why

Karam is passionate about working for a better world with people by supporting them to discover their unique potential of love, personal power, and creativity despite conditionings from the wounds of life. He fosters awareness, understanding, responsibility, and freedom; in other words, healing.