Grzegorz Sykała

Facilitator & Ceremony Musician

“I am passionate about sharing the tools that were key elements of my personal path to freedom. Watching people being born again is the greatest honor I can imagine.”

His Role

Grzegorz is a musician, accompanying people in wellbeing processes by creating a safe and welcoming space. At Beckley Retreats he provides powerful medicine songs as well as energetic support and a caring, grounded presence.

His Story

Utilizing his Masters of Cultural Studies with a focus in Intercultural Communication, Grzegorz explored foreign cultures in search of understanding of his own roots. As a band manager, musician, frontman, writer, and actor, he studied the effects of music in the entertainment context. His incredible journey to Peru and many ceremonies with Shipibo Healers deepened Grzegorz’s understanding of music and its beneficial properties. He studied under renowned Medicine Woman Beata Alfoldi while completing his Accredited Shamanic Practitioner Training and studied group facilitation at the Warsaw Holistic Training School.

His Why

Growing up as an artist in a family with a long western medicine history, Grzegorz was always on the lookout for a deeper meaning in his work. While receiving teachings in the Santo Daime tradition, he understood his life purpose is to be of service to others by discovering, developing, and using music and other tools to support transformational experiences. He is passionate about assisting people in rediscovering themselves, gaining their personal freedom as well as a sense of love and trust in life.