Andy Sudbrock

Facilitator & Coach

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the lights come back on in people’s eyes after a deeply profound experience.”

His Role

Andy is a shamanic practitioner and psychedelic integration coach with experience leading retreats and holding space for ceremonies. At Beckley Retreats, Andy co-facilitates ceremony experiences and integration practices.

His Story

Andy has been working with and studying nature based shamanic practices his entire life. He has worked as a wilderness guide in Alaska and has had a 30-year career as an ecologist restoring native plant communities. Throughout this time, he cultivated a deep connection to nature. When a series of traumatic events nearly took his life, Andy turned to entheogenic plants as a means of deep innerwork and recovery. He has since dedicated his life to helping others achieve deep and lasting transformation through reconnecting with nature.

His Why

From devastating personal tragedies to his life now, Andy knows the power and healing potential offered by entheogenic plants. He loves assisting people through their own journeys of inner exploration and discovery.