Your safety is our priority. Here are the three simple steps to your retreat!

1. Submit the application below

2. Book and complete your clinical screening call

3. Register for your retreat

Our programs are suitable for those seeking:

– Personal transformation and catharsis
– Deepening connection with self, nature, and purpose
– Improved relationships
– An exploration of mystical realms
– A spark in creativity

Psilocybin is a generally safe compound with few major side effects. That said, there are conditions and circumstances that could make the experience less safe and we try our best to screen for these. Prior to taking the time to fill out an application, we require that you thoroughly review the Beckley Retreats Application Considerations including (i) the various physical, health, psychiatric conditions, (ii) medications and treatments, and (iii) family history and other risk factors detailed in the Considerations that would either (a) disqualify you from participating or (b) require that you confer with a physical and obtain their advice and/or approval before participating.

Please note that we do not make any medical or therapeutic claims about our retreats or programming. The application process and our programming are not designed to diagnose, make medical recommendations, or offer treatment solutions; however for your safety and the safety of other participants, we may determine that it is not advisable to participate. This document is also presented for your convenience, to assist you with understanding any potential risks of participating in a Beckley Retreats program. However, this document should not be relied upon to reach any conclusions about whether it is safe for anyone to participate–only you and your doctor and/or other medical professional can make that determination.