Stepping Off the Battlefield

Stepping Off the Battlefield

June 26th, 2024

According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that stress-related conditions like depression and anxiety result in the loss of approximately 12 billion working days annually, costing the global economy around $1 trillion per year in lost productivity​. For those who experience traumatic stress or post-traumatic stress disorder, these conditions can be debilitating and dramatically negatively impact life, work, health, and relationships.

Join us for an engaging Beckley Talk featuring Jon Macaskill, retired Navy SEAL Commander, and Suzanne Lesko, retired U.S. Navy Captain and combat veteran, hosted by Beckley Retreats SVP of Growth, Val-Pierre Genton. 

In this session, we will explore the big question: How can we transform traumatic stress experiences and burnout into opportunities for growth and resilience? Jon and Suzanne bring unparalleled credibility to address this question. Jon will share his journey from military service to becoming a mindfulness expert, while Suzanne will offer her extensive leadership experience and insights on optimal performance in high-pressure environments.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The role of mindfulness and psychedelics in managing PTSD and stress for both veterans and working professionals
  • Strategies for boosting resilience and optimal performance in leadership roles
  • Personal stories of transformation through mindfulness and psychedelics

Val, SVP of Growth at Beckley Retreats, is dedicated to making science-backed psychedelics and preventative well-being accessible to all. A visionary leader, he founded the world’s first virtual events company and substantially influenced today’s digital landscape with BrightTALK. With a history of driving growth through conscious leadership, he co-founded and sold two successful organizations, the latest selling for $150M. Val is passionate about advancing psychedelics’ benefits, envisioning a future where preventative wellbeing transforms individual and societal health. Overcoming a near-death experience from overwork and addiction through holistic practices, Val’s mission is deeply personal. He is a musician and playful father of three, whose wife’s life was twice saved by psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Jon Macaskill is a former Navy SEAL Commander now dedicated to mindfulness and leadership coaching. Through Frogman Mindfulness, he creates and leads programs promoting mental and emotional wellness. With degrees from the United States Naval Academy and the Naval Postgraduate School, and certifications in mindfulness and Scrum Product Ownership, Jon combines disciplined analysis with empathetic approaches to mindfulness. As a keynote speaker and co-host of the “Men Talking Mindfulness” podcast, he aims to inspire and empower individuals and organizations towards resilience and well-being.

Suzanne Lesko | Navy Veteran and the Warrior Advisor

Suzanne “Xena” Lesko is a retired U.S. Navy Captain with a 26-year military background, including 11 years as a Naval Aviator and 15 years as a Public Affairs Officer. Known for her leadership in high-pressure environments, Suzanne has advised top leaders in U.S. Special Operations, governments, and corporations. As a sought-after speaker and advisor, she engages in keynote presentations, workshops, and bespoke consulting projects. Suzanne’s expertise lies in resilience, optimal performance, and transformative leadership, helping CXO leaders, veterans, and professionals master the gap between their current position and desired outcomes.

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