Private Coaching

1:1 Preparation and Integration Coaching

If you are a participant registered for one of our programs at any point in your program, you are encouraged to consider supplementary 1:1 coaching. While our preparation program is comprehensive and includes one 1:1 intake session with a retreat facilitator, some of our program participants find that private coaching can greatly assist in both the preparation and integration processes.

Preparation Coaching

Your Beckley Retreats Coach will work with you to identify appropriate topics, which may include:

  • Building understanding of how psychedelics work and what to expect in the experience
  • Gaining confidence and personal agency in the preparation process
  • Setting clear intentions and digging deeper into why you feel called to participate in a psychedelic journey
  • Exploring your protective mechanisms and developing insight into inner resistance to be better prepared for your journey
  • Allaying fears and worries through expectation-setting and reframing; becoming equipped with tools, skills, and resources to navigate potentially challenging psychedelic experiences
  • Setting up for a soft landing after your journey through mindset shifts and taking preparatory actions
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how to talk about the psychedelic experience with family and friends

Integration Coaching

Your Beckley Retreats Coach will work with you to identify appropriate topics, which may include:

  • Making meaning of your journey
  • Responding to a fading experience and anchoring to a beneficial psychedelic sensation using somatic recall practices
  • Incorporating supportive skills and practices (self-regulation, self-reflection, mindfulness, responsivity vs. reactivity, boundary-setting, etc.) into daily routines
  • Troubleshooting barriers and potential derailers to sustain personal growth and wellbeing
  • Continuing self-discovery through “parts work” (working with narratives around parts of self)
  • Generating personal accountability and setting and monitoring goals
  • Reintegratin back into relationships
  • Harmonizing how you’ve changed as a result of your psychedelic experience with your life – and changing your life to meet you as you’ve changed
1 Coaching Session
One 60-minute coaching session
  • Receive a complimentary tool: Intention Setting for Coaching.*
3 Coaching Sessions
Three 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Receive two complimentary tools: Intention Setting for Coaching & Whole Self Journaling Prompts*
5 Coaching Sessions
Five 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Receive three complimentary tools: Intention Setting for Coaching, Whole Self Journaling Prompts, and 5 Days of Gratitude*


“I have suffered from high levels of anxiety for a long time that I wanted to reduce, to the benefit of myself and my wife in particular. I found Isabel to be highly knowledgeable and empathetic about psychedelic experiences from an integrated scientific, emotional and spiritual perspective. She used this to very rapidly understand my challenges and to offer effective insights, perspectives and practical ways in which I could address these challenges. I felt these to be very personal to my situation rather than generic. As a result I have been ‘unstuck’ and been able to continue on my post retreat journey of embedding change, moving through the significant challenges I have felt.” ~Robert, Sept 2023

The Coaches: Highly experienced and here for you at every step.

Our people are what make Beckley Retreats what it is today. We are committed to serving others and continuing our own inner work.
Our world-class team of coaches have decades of combined experience creating safe and transformational spaces and working with psychedelics.

Mark Mabon

Mark is a certified Systemic coach and Family Constellations practitioner, with 18 years parallel experience facilitating psychedelic experiences in ceremonial settings. As part of his coaching practice, he helps clients prepare for and integrate their psychedelic encounters, with an emphasis on creating an ongoing, everyday lived experience that incorporates the depth and meaning found there. 

Mark combines a deep warmth and compassion with a strong clarity and unwavering dedication to truth and acceptance. His work is about surfacing, facing and ultimately integrating the facts of our lives, including our family background and the entanglements inevitably found there.

He draws from Internal Family Systems and Somatic work to help clients navigate daily life with greater presence and authenticity, which has made his work popular with creatives, performing artists, and entrepreneurs, with a frequent focus on addictive behaviors. He has been married for 15 years, has 2 children and also works around conscious communication, relationship and parenting. 

Availability: Mark is not available for August 25 – September 3 or October 4 – November 6 sessions in 2023. He is typically in the UK timezone.

Lucyne Pearson

Lucyne is a dedicated, compassionate, skilled and experienced psychedelic preparation and integration coach who combines various therapeutic methods, neuroscience, and shamanic wisdom to support individuals in their psychedelic journeys. She helps her clients develop a thoughtful and personalized plan, fostering a safe and supportive space.

Her coaching is grounded in neuroscience and brain retraining in order to enhance the neuroplasticity derived from these experiences and to create lasting change. She also draws from her extensive training as a psychotherapist, including Internal Family Systems, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Gestalt. In addition to her therapeutic experience, Lucyne is also well-versed in Family Constellations, Breathwork, and Eastern frameworks for navigating transpersonal experiences.

With a 20 year background in wellness and psychedelic therapy, including running addiction programmes in the UK and working in one the foremost ayahuasca retreat centers in Costa Rica, she brings a diverse range of experience to her practice. In 2018, Lucyne co-founded a pioneering training retreat company in the Netherlands which focused on teaching psychotherapists essential integration skills for working with psychedelics.

Availability: Lucyne is available for sessions in 2024 from April 7 onwards (but not on April 6 or 13). May 1, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15 from 3-6pm BST are open. She is typically in the UK timezone.

Isabel Santis

Isabel is a psychedelic educator and integration specialist and the Director of Integration Programs for Beckley Retreats.  She has been supporting people’s process and integration of expanded states of consciousness since 2005.  Her coaching style is tailored to the needs of each individual, and combines exploration of internal landscapes, deepening connection with the self and nature, and supporting the implementation of life changes inspired by insights gained during the journey.

Isabel is an Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy practitioner, an accredited Eco-Tuner, Shamanic Practitioner, IFS-Informed and Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Coach.  She also holds a MA in Transformative Leadership and is currently completing a PhD in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  The topic of her dissertation is “The Effect of Psilocybin Mushrooms on the Experience of Eco-Anxiety”.

Availability: Isabel is typically in the US pacific timezone.

Ben Sheinwald

Ben’s work is about supporting people to connect to their true nature or essence and from this place to become conscious creators of their lives. He is trained in Biodynamic Body psychotherapy as well as coaching, and so brings a deep understanding of the synergistic connection between body, mind, spirit and the heart. He works from a place of presence and acceptance. 

In psychedelic work, Ben supports his clients to find the pearls of their experience and find ways for these insights to become an embodied reality in their day-to-day life. He believes deeply in the life force as a movement within us towards our own unique blueprint for wellbeing and vitality. He supports people to trust the life force for their growth and evolution. 

Availability: Ben is not available for sessions in 2023: August 3-19, August 25 – September 2, October 28 – November 13. He is typically in the UK timezone.

Dr. Dingle Spence

Dingle Spence is a Jamaican physician with training in Clinical Oncology and Palliative Care. She has worked in this area of cancer care for over thirty years and has considerable experience in having serious illness conversations with people facing end of life and in providing support to their families. Many issues that people who are coming to the end of life are dealing with cannot easily be fixed or solved; the important thing at this time is for people to feel accompanied, heard, respected, and supported as their journey towards transition becomes more poignant and more real. 

Dingle brings to the table her experience in working with people at this time in their life and can provide a gentle supportive presence based on years of doing this work at the hospital bedside, in people’s homes, and more recently in an online setting. Her own personal work as a both a participant and facilitator in the psychedelic space has only helped deepen her understanding of what clients are experiencing and what their needs may be as they approach the end of their own lives. Dingle is available to provide coaching assistance and support to Beckley clients dealing with these issues.

Dingle is only available for palliative/end-of-life care coaching.

Andy Sudbrock

Andy is a Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coach certified by The Third Wave and the Psychedelic Coaching Institute. Andy works at the leading edge of human potential by combining ancient shamanic practices with modern neuroscience.

Andy is skilled at working with clients to prepare for and integrate after psychedelic experiences, especially to overcome negative thinking and self-doubt. His coaching style coupled with the increased neuroplasticity provided by psilocybin mushrooms is a recipe for personal success and transformation that can improve and elevate all areas of life. Andy’s presence and coaching style are calm, centered, and grounding blended with positive encouragement and deep nature-based spirituality.

Availability: Andy is typically in the Central U.S. timezone and is available on most Mondays for sessions.

Hanifa Nayo Washington

Hanifa Nayo Washington, she/her/hers, is an award winning sacred activist, creative visionary, storyteller, ritualist, musician, heart-centered facilitator, and entrepreneur. She has been combining arts, healing, and activism to make the world a better place for 20+ years. Hanifa is a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner whose life practices focus on creating healing spaces rooted in the values of beloved community so all people can heal from the emotional, physical and spiritual impacts of systems of oppression, trauma, and disconnection.

Hanifa offers reiki, breathwork, meditation, somatics, music, deep listening, reflective writing prompts, and more for deepening and integration.

Hanifa is available for 60min and 90min sessions.

Important considerations

  • Coaching is not therapy. However, our coaching may be informed by psychotherapeutic modalities such as Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy or other therapeutic modalities.
  • All of our coaches are also retreat program facilitators – but not all of our retreat facilitators are coaches. (Some facilitators are ceremony musicians, yoga teachers, etc.). While you may be drawn to a particular facilitator on retreat, that facilitator may not have formal coaching experience and thus may not be participating in the Beckley Retreats Coaching Program.
  • When available, you may be able to schedule coaching sessions with a select facilitator-coach present on your retreat. This option provides continuity and depth in the coach-participant relationship.