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Jul 11 - Jul 14, 2024

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Leaders Program

The American Institute of Stress highlights that more than 275 million working days are lost annually due to stress, underlining the extensive impact on both personal well-being and organizational efficiency.

Research shows that stress is a contributor to reduced cognitive function, emotional exhaustion, physical health issues, impaired relationships, decreased job satisfaction, and increased risk of mental health issues.

For professional and community leaders under increasing pressure, the repercussions of stress and burnout extend beyond personal health implications, influencing their decision-making capabilities, innovation and creativity, and overall leadership effectiveness.

A study by WittKieffer found that burnout could lead to doubts about one’s competence and the value of one’s work.

Recent research suggests that psychedelics, such as psilocybin, can significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are common in high-stress leadership roles. These substances facilitate a profound psychological experience that can lead to increased self-awareness and emotional insight, which are crucial for personal and professional growth.Our 3 night retreat program for leaders in organizations and communities is designed to:

– Facilitate stress reduction
– Cultivate inner inquiry around vision, purpose, and meaning
– Promote personal growth through self-reflection
– Bolster creativity and innovation
– Bring about greater clarity and joy

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A magical place for a transformative experience

Retreat pricing starts at $2,850.

Prepare — set the foundation and meet your group (virtual, self-paced)

We offer flexible preparation. If the program has started, you can still apply and catch up in your own time.

Group preparation call is scheduled for:

  • 07/02 at 10-11:30am PDT/1-2:30pm EDT/6-7:30pm BST

Immerse — experience the practices and ceremony together (3 nights, in person)

More information about the retreat location can be found here.

Integrate — build habits and make changes that last (virtual, self-paced)

While attending all sessions is recommended and scientifically proven to make the biggest impact, we understand life gets busy so you’ll decide what works best for your schedule.

Group integration calls are scheduled for:

  • 7/18 at 8-9:30am PDT/11-12:30pm EDT/4-5:30pm BST
  • 7/31 at 8-9:30am PDT/11-12:30pm EDT/4-5:30pm BST

Grow — find community and stay committed

After integration, you will be part of our vibrant alumni community, where you’ll be able to stay connected and stay committed.

*Supplementary 1:1 coaching sessions available.

If you’ve applied and have been approved, you’re ready to register here.