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Oct 27 - Oct 30, 2024

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Microdose Program

The practice of microdosing entails taking very low doses of psychedelics, which are usually one-tenth (or smaller) of a starting recreational or ceremonial dose. (A microdose experience is usually mildly perceptible, whereas a macrodose experience induces a profoundly altered state.) There is a growing body of evidence to suggest a positive correlation between psychedelic microdosing and improved mental wellbeing.

A Beckley retreat is the perfect environment to be in community and experience the benefits of psilocybin mushroom microdosing, namely—when paired with meditation, sound, movement, and nature in an inclusive community—to affect mood, connection, performance, and creativity.

Our microdose program is open to individuals who are new to psychedelics looking for a soft entry; those who are experienced with psychedelics seeking a gentler psilocybin experience; and for anyone wishing to benefit from a holistic wellbeing getaway, creative inspiration, and/or a mental, emotional, or spiritual reboot.

Program includes a 1-week preparation, a 3-night retreat in a beautiful natural setting, and 2 weeks of integration support.

The De Hoorneboeg retreat center is just 25 miles from Amsterdam, and easy to access by train, taxi, or even bicycle. The property is quiet and lush, and is strewn with buildings renovated with the utmost aesthetic care. The ethos of the community is built around a peaceful connection with nature, and with other people. De Hoorneboeg provides a perfect environment for the depth, care, and beauty of our retreat experience.

A magical place for a transformative experience

Retreat pricing starts at $3,550.

Prepare — set the foundation and meet your group (virtual, self-paced)

We offer flexible preparation. If the program has started, you can still apply and catch up in your own time.

Group preparation call is TBD.

Immerse — experience the practices and ceremony together (3 nights, in person)

More information about the retreat location can be found here.

Integrate — build habits and make changes that last (virtual, self-paced)

While attending all sessions is recommended and scientifically proven to make the biggest impact, we understand life gets busy so you’ll decide what works best for your schedule.

Group integration calls are TBD.

Grow — find community and stay committed

After integration, you will be part of our vibrant alumni community, where you’ll be able to stay connected and stay committed.

*Supplementary 1:1 coaching sessions available.