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This program is suitable for people who want to: improve their connection to themselves and others; improve their overall wellbeing; find new direction in life; explore different parts of themselves; and/or explore their subconscious and resolve old trauma. 

This is not a clinical treatment, we are currently unable to accept individuals into our programs who have active substance use/ addiction issues; are experiencing severe trauma, or have psychiatric diagnoses including clinical depression and anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder, active or recent suicidal thoughts or attempts, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or psychotic breaks, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, or a personal history of psychosis. Additionally we cannot accept individuals who will be actively taking psychiatric medications including SSRIs, SNRIs, mood stabilizers, antipsychotic medications or stimulants at the start of or during the program; have serious issues with high blood pressure or heart conditions; and/or are extremely physically ill or frail. 

If for any reason we are unable to accept you into a Beckley Retreat program your deposit will be refunded in full.