Psychedelic Retreat Goer Archetypes

The Grand Adventurer

– Thrives on exploration and adventure
– Enjoys meeting new people and forming new relationships
– Seeking personal growth through new experiences and transformational practices

For the Grand Adventurer, psychedelic retreats offer excitement and exploration. Embarking upon a travel adventure to a new place in a beautiful natural setting for a retreat can be exhilarating and also invite new aspects of self to emerge which can promote powerful personal growth.

Meeting new people and making friends in a retreat environment designed for inclusion and belonging appeals to the Grand Adventurer’s desire for forming and growing new relationships.

Journeying with psychedelics (and engaging in other transformational practices such as breathwork, mindful movement, and meditation) allows the Grand Adventurer to travel to new horizons, push the limits of the imagination, and transcend the old to usher in the new.

Helpful insights for Grand Adventurers:
Remember while a psychedelic retreat can certainly offer a dose of high adventure, it’s also a chance to turn your attention inward—attuning to your body, to your emotions, and to your spiritual connection.

Take advantage of the opportunity to slow down, engage in deep self reflection, and courageously tend to any psychological, emotional, or spiritual insights that may arise during and after your retreat experience. Give yourself some space after your retreat to integrate before jumping into your next life journey. After all, some of the biggest adventures in life happen within our own bodies, minds, and hearts.

Beckley Retreats Highlights for Grand Adventurers:
– Beautiful retreat locations in Jamaica and the Netherlands
– 2 deep-dive macrodose psilocybin journeys per 5-night retreat
– Cohort-based 11-week retreat programs (go-at-your own-pace) for optimal community building

The Transition Navigator

– Seeking clarity and guidance during life transitions
– Hoping for time away to reflect and access inner wisdom
– Will benefit from transformational practices for self-insight

For the Transition Navigator, a psychedelic retreat offers a dedicated time and space to sit at life’s crossroads and reflect deeply on the possible pathways ahead.

Working with psychedelics can assist in navigating major and minor life transitions, activating new neural pathways and the ability to see life from a new perspective.

Setting the intention to receive inspiration on how to move forward in life, Transition Navigators find natural comfort in a retreat environment: time away from day-to-day routines and responsibilities to access the wisdom within and find clarity.

Transformational practices such as yoga, breathwork, and mindful movement may also appeal to the Transition Navigator as tools for self-awareness and self-empowerment during times of change.

Helpful insights for Transition Navigators:
Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination. Change can often be uncomfortable, confusing, or even painful, which can spark avoidance or the desire to rush through. Set proper expectations for yourself—psychedelics are not a magic bullet, and it’s important to choose a program that incorporates comprehensive integration support to ensure you can optimize any insights gleaned from your retreat to your day-to-day life. The answers don’t always come right away, but with sustained practices and healthy habits, the path ahead will become more clear with time, patience, commitment, and faith.

Beckley Retreats Highlights for Transition Navigators:
– Comprehensive 11-week program (go-at-your-own-pace) with 2 macrodose psilocybin journeys during 5-night retreats
– Personal development tools and guided activities in our app
– Private support (1:1 prep call, 1:1 on-site check-ins, optional 1:1 coaching)

The Wellness Enthusiast

– Focused on physical wellness and health
– Seeking physically nourishing, activating, or strengthening experiences
– Will benefit from a holistic approach to wellbeing across body, mind, heart, spirit

For the Wellness Enthusiast, psychedelic retreats offer a dedicated time and space to focus on physical wellness and health from the inside out.

Wellness Enthusiasts include anyone ranging from performance-focused athletes and “health-nuts” to those struggling with physical conditions and ailments for whom a psychedelic wellbeing retreat might be beneficial.

Working with psychedelics while focusing on physical wellness can help reframe the Wellness Enthusiast’s relationship with the body, and invite new perspectives and insights about tending to physical health needs.

Wellness Enthusiasts may be attracted to retreat settings in particular for the healing power of nature, nourishing cuisine, and holistic wellbeing modalities such as yoga, mindful movement, and breathwork.

Helpful insights for Wellness Enthusiasts:
There is a connection across body, mind, heart, and spirit. Psychedelic retreats provide an opportunity to explore that connection and understand how your physical state is informed by—and informing—your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Psychedelics can rewire your neural pathways—and meditation, breathwork, and nature exposure can regulate your nervous system—and these activities can impact your physical state without needing to actively “work on your body”. And remember, psychedelics are not a magic bullet: improvements in both your physical health and your perspective about your physical state come as a result of a mindset shift and ongoing practices.

Beckley Retreats Highlights for Wellness Enthusiasts:
– Delicious cuisine with fresh, locally sourced ingredients at retreat centers in beautiful natural settings
– Daily yoga, meditation, natural excursions, 2 macrodose psilocybin journeys during our 5-night retreat
– Integration and wellbeing tools and guided activities in our app

The Breakthrough Seeker

– Wants to transcend limiting beliefs and overcome tough challenges
– Seeking to gain self-insight and inspire lasting change
– Will benefit from multidisciplinary personal development approaches and practices

For the Breakthrough Seeker, a psychedelic retreat offers a space to transcend limiting beliefs and get over “stuckness” for improved personal performance and life satisfaction. This may include working through challenging experiences such as grief, loss, old patterns, and/or emotional wellbeing issues.

Psychedelics can offer profound self-insight, rewire neural pathways, and inspire new perspectives that serve as the foundation for lasting change.

Breakthrough Seekers may have tried other interventions and are now turning to psychedelics, meditation, and holistic wellbeing practices in the hopes of trying something different.

A diverse retreat facilitation team of clinicians and practitioners trained in wisdom traditions is appealing to Breakthrough Seekers as they tend to all aspects of their personal transformation and growth.

Helpful insights for Breakthrough Seekers:
You are not alone! A well-designed retreat experience offers a transformational community experience that gets you out of your head and into your body—in nature—in a supportive group of peers and facilitators. Take advantage of opportunities for meditation, movement, nature excursions, and connecting with cohort peers.

And remember, psychedelics are not a magic bullet. Look for a retreat with a comprehensive integration program for sustained transformation. Stay committed to mindset, ongoing personal practices, and your support network post-retreat as you continue to navigate your personal growth journey.

Beckley Retreats Highlights for Breakthrough Seekers:
– Comprehensive 11-week program (go-at-your-own-pace) designed to build community and supportive cohort relationships
– 2 deep-dive macrodose psilocybin journeys during a 5-night retreat
– Personal development tools and guided activities in our app

The Spiritual Mystic

– Seeking transformational mystical connection and wisdom
– Drawn to sacred community and sacred practice
– Inspired by activities such as meditation and yoga for spiritual communion

For the Spiritual Mystic, psychedelic retreats offer a nurturing space for deepening spiritual practice and exploring the mystery of the great frontier of human consciousness.

Working with psychedelics ceremonially (led by experienced psychedelic ceremonialists) appeals to the Spiritual Mystic, who sees the psychedelic journey as a sacred ritual, inner pilgrimage, or rite of passage.

Spiritual Mystics are drawn to complementary activities offered on psychedelic retreats (such as meditation, yoga, breathwork, and nature excursions) as sacred practices that enable communion with higher self, the universe, or God (depending on spiritual belief system).

Spiritual Mystics in search of divine wisdom, meaning, and connection are attracted to retreat experiences that intentionally honor the sacred across religious and spiritual traditions.

Helpful insights for Spiritual Mystics:
It can be valuable to set expectations for yourself. While you might set an intention for your psychedelic journey to bring mystical insight, you may instead be presented with an emotional, psychological, visual and/or somatic experience. Be open to whatever arises.

Also, beware of “spiritual bypassing.” We are human beings with very real physical bodies, emotions, and psychological conditions that must be tended to alongside our spiritual journey. A retreat facilitation team with both clinical and ceremonial qualifications can assist you in connecting the dots across mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Beckley Retreats Highlights for Spiritual Mystics:
– 2 macrodose ceremonial psilocybin journeys per 5-night retreat
– Professional psychedelic ceremonialists holding sacred space and playing live music
– Daily yoga, meditation, and nature excursions


This quiz is intended for informational and enjoyment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.
Please consult your clinical care team to determine if working with psychedelics is right for you.