Isabel Santis

Director of Integration

“As far as we can discern, the whole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning against the dark of mere being. – Carl Jung”

Her Role

As the Director of Integration, Isabel is committed to supporting retreat participants in translating the insights and wisdom of their journeys into sustainable, positive change. She believes that working with psychedelics has the potential to transform our lives, our relationships to ourselves and others, and as a result, increase our positive impact in the world. Isabel has a MA in Transformative Leadership and is currently completing a PhD in East-West Psychology. She is also an Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy practitioner, Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Coach, and accredited Eco-Tuner.

Her Story

In 1995, Isabel had her first foray into expanded states of consciousness. To integrate her experiences, she pursued training in depth psychology, shamanic journeying, holotropic breathwork, somatic modalities, art therapy, and ecopsychology. All the while working at her “day job” as a project and program manager for corporations, startups and nonprofits. In 2018 she decided to commit to the wellbeing path full-time, went back to school to pursue a Ph.D., and officially launched her integration practice.

Her Why

As soon as she started working intentionally with psychedelics, Isabel seemed to always be at the right time and place to assist others through challenging journeys. After many transformative experiences at festivals supporting psychonauts, she had found her calling. Eventually, a series of serendipities allowed her to pursue her passion for helping people make changes in their lives inspired by the insights from their psychedelic journeys.