Jeya Lorenz

Co-Founder & Director of Retreat Experience

“The key to holding space is non-judgement and love for each person’s unique path.”

Her Role

Jeya Lorenz has an MA in International Development and has worked as a consultant for conscious organizations looking to make innovative change. She is a certified coach and facilitator, and an experienced assistant in psychedelic ceremonies. At Beckley Retreats, she oversees the retreat experience in all of its multitudes, from hiring and supporting guides to ensuring the needs of retreat attendees. She also assists in ceremonies when she can.

Her Story

After working at the United Nations, she decided to reallocate her time and energy to grassroots organizations, and she spent six years working with human rights and environmental NGOs. Later, she worked with UnLtd, the UK’s largest funding body for social entrepreneurs, and went on to found the first conscious co-working space in London. Now she is focused on spiritual leadership within a therapeutic context. Her priority is to foster effective growth while maintaining the utmost integrity.

Her Why

As the daughter of parents who practiced yoga and meditation, Jeya spent her childhood playing in Ashrams throughout India. Since then, she’s gone on to experience a myriad of powerful healing modalities. She endeavors to integrate the highest gifts of her own journey in order to be of service to others.