Sylvia Benito

Advisor & Board Member

“I want to help inspire a revolution of investing that is led by love.”

Her Role

Sylvia Benito connects consciousness to capital, and her passion is to help families, founders, and boards align their values to their work. As a board member of Beckley Retreats, she advises on business development, and helps with facilitator trainings and overall ceremony experience.

Her Story

Driven by a desire to experience spiritual awakening, Sylvia has explored everything from tantra, to silent retreats, to plant ceremonies. Her teachers include Ramana Maharishi, Gangaji and Taita Juanito. One of her driving questions is how to connect awakening to the most mundane aspects of life, to take awakening out of the cave and into the boardroom and bedroom. Today she manages investments for a large family office and continues to practice as a shaman, building bridges between the material and the mystical.

Her Why

Sylvia experienced a deep awakening during her first mushroom journey, one that changed her life and ignited a spiritual search. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than helping people touch into their divine essence, and she’s made this her life’s work.