Alexandra Pallas

Co-Founder and SVP of Programs

“I’m dedicated to helping others unlock the power of their own devotion.”

Her Role

Alexandra is a co-founder and SVP of Programs at Beckley Retreats. She is passionate about facilitating transformational experiences that support people in aligning with their purpose, passion, and potential. A former ed tech leader and Deloitte management consultant, she specializes in organizational learning strategy, leadership development, human capital management, and program design. Alexandra has studied, practiced, and taught holistic wellbeing modalities and ancient wisdom traditions for 20 years. She is currently completing an M.A. in Mindful Leadership.

Her Story

Alexandra began practicing yoga and meditation, studying Ayurvedic medicine, and working as a Four Winds-trained energy medicine practitioner and Reiki teacher in her 20s. After the birth of her daughter, she faced the challenges of sole parenting which resulted in a hospitalization for severe adrenal burnout. Her healing journey began in 2016 when she reignited her passion for ancient wisdom traditions through initiation into modern day priestess lineages. Alexandra leads seasonal ceremonies in her local community.

‍Her Why

When doctors were unable to pinpoint causes or recommend solutions to chronic health issues, Alexandra anchored her healing journey in the devotional practices of prayer, meditation, ritual, ceremonial journeying, nutrition, and mindful movement.