Nadine McNeil

Retreat Operations Manager and Yoga Teacher

“When one of us suffers we all suffer. Yet when one of us heals, we all heal.”

Her Role

Nadine supports retreat operations and is a yoga facilitator. In both of these roles her top priority is to provide an elevated and comfortable experience for all participants. Her mission is to ignite infinite possibilities for people from around the world, especially within diverse, underserved communities.

Her Story

Nadine is a yoga teacher, speaker, wisdom mentor and humanitarian. She has led yoga and personal development workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the Esalen Institute in the United States and served as part of the Yoga Barn’s faculty. Prior to her deep dive into yoga in 2008, for over 20 years, Nadine traveled the world in service of the United Nations, UNICEF, Global Volunteer Network and Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Having spent most of her working life in the areas of emergency response and logistics for the UN, she is committed to being a catalyst for change and transformation for the individual as well the collective. Through all of her work and travel she is inextricably connected to her birth land, Jamaica.

Her Why

In her life and work, Nadine has witnessed catastrophes caused by both human and natural disasters. She has seen the chronic impact that many are left with in the aftermath. From this place of witnessing, she is called to act. Her own personal transformation began with yoga, herbal remedies and psychedelics, which led her to a place of acceptance, awakening and humility. She wishes to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing these modalities and creating comfortable spaces for folks to experience their own personal transformation and healing.