Access to nature cultivates greater openness, creativity, connection, and resilience of body, mind, and heart.




Experience the science-backed power of psilocybin ceremonies in a supportive retreat setting.

Embark on a transformative journey that meets you where you are.

Daily guided meditation classes encourage the practice of present moment awareness and contribute to nervous system regulation.


Healthy, nutrient-dense meals allow the body to be nourished, cleansed, and fortified, supporting our experience with psilocybin.

Clean Eating

Access to nature cultivates greater openness, expansion, creativity, connection, and resilience, particularly when working with psilocybin.


Guided breathing relieves stress, promotes relaxation, oxygenates the body, and unearths emotions in preparation for psilocybin ceremony.


Mindful movement such as restorative yoga increases energy flow and facilitates deep body-mind awareness.

Mindful Movement

The Program

A comprehensive program that gives you the tools for meaningful change.


4-week virtual program

Begin your journey with group sessions, one-on-one support, guided activities, and educational resources. Participants bond before the retreat, and we offer flexible preparation. If the program has started, you can still apply and catch up in your own time.


5-night retreat

Get away from your day-to-day in a beautiful place with wonderful people - the retreat is a powerful time for growth. We do two psilocybin ceremonies with live music, breathwork, meditation and other transformational practices for an optimal experience.


6-week virtual program

Integrate with group sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed tools to help you sustain your transformation after the retreat. Foster an ongoing connection with your retreat group and join our vibrant community. Supplementary 1:1 coaching is also offered.

Upcoming Programs

Join us in a beautiful natural setting where psilocybin is legal.

“To say it was life changing is an understatement.”

Josephine Leon

Retreat Attendee

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Why Beckley

Bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom.

As part of the Beckley ecosystem, Beckley Retreats is proud to build on the work of its co-founder, Amanda Feilding. Dubbed the “Queen of Psychedelics” by Forbes, Amanda founded the Beckley Foundation in 1998—a think tank and NGO dedicated to furthering psychedelic research and advocating for policy reform. At Retreats, we’re bridging the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom traditions in order to create the richest possible experience for participants.

Psychedelic Ceremonies Through The Ages

Prehistoric rock murals found in France, Spain and Algeria suggest that the ceremonial use of psilocybin predates recorded history. This tradition lives on today in Indigenous communities around the world: the Huichol, Mazatecs, Shipibo, Yanomami, and Bwiti to name just a few. Our team of guides honor a variety of traditions and lineages passed down to them from their own teachers.

The Beckley Foundation

Established in 1998 by Amanda Feilding, our co-founder and an early activist and thought partner to Albert Hofmann (the creator of LSD), The Beckley Foundation has been instrumental in furthering psychedelic research and influencing policy.

Now Amanda’s vision is extending into the wider Beckley ecosystem, including: Beckley Retreats, where we’re enabling access to safe, legal, and transformative psychedelic ceremonies; Beckley Academy, which offers training and certification for practitioners; Beckley Psytech, which focuses on helping those with neurological and psychiatric disorders; and Beckley Waves, a venture studio dedicated to supporting companies building the care delivery infrastructure in this space.

Amanda Feilding Forbes Article

The New Research

Thanks in part to the Beckley Foundation, there is a growing body of peer-reviewed research—like the notable studies coming out of John Hopkins in the USA and Imperial College London in the UK—demonstrating the powerful effects of psychedelics on a variety of modern maladies.*

*Learn more about Beckley Foundation collaborations and research here.

Building With Integrity

At Beckley Retreats, we are driven by a passionate commitment to ethics. Our ethics and community impact plan details what it means for us to operate as a heart-centered, conscious business, informed by professional advisory, community inquiry, and a spirit of self-reflection.

Keeping You Safe

Your emotional, psychological, and physical safety is our priority.


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